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The Ncediso App is an integrated mobile application developed to up-skill community healthcare workers including nurses and clinic practitioners in areas where basic healthcare, first aid skills and clinics are scarce. The application allows for the early detection of various disabilities, and diseases among children, child nutrition, chronic disease management, and information on infectious and non-infectious diseases, first aid and various other conditions. The app is available for download here:

The Mental Health App was commissioned by the South African Federation for Mental Health and is geared towards providing information about mental health conditions and services. It also enables mental health patients to set medication reminders and record their mood every day, along with possible mood triggers, to assist their physicians with their treatment. The app also serves as an information hub to the understanding of a variety of mental disorders and as a means to equip users with knowledge of their human rights. The app is available for download here:

Web-based solutions

ICF Education (

Common Good First Web Site (

PV Insight

Other solutions:

  • Refugee Rights System
  • Patient Observation System for the Aged
  • Electronic Health Records for use by Community Healthcare Workers
  • Digitized Adult Primary Healthcare Guidelines