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Ncediso App

Winner of United Nations Innovation Award - 2020

The Ncediso App is an integrated mobile application developed to up-skill community healthcare workers including nurses and clinic practitioners in areas where basic healthcare, first aid skills and clinics are scarce. The application allows for the early detection of various disabilities, and diseases among children, child nutrition, chronic disease management, and information on infectious and non-infectious diseases, first aid and various other conditions.

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KaziHealth App

Finalist in Commonwealth Digital Health Awards 2022

The KaziHealth mobile app integrates three lifestyle interventions namely, physical activity, nutrition, and stress management to guide individuals in achieving their personal health goals. Educaiton, motivation, and self-monitoring is provided within the KaziHealth app to keep individuals motivated and keep an account of the improtant metrics concerning your health. 

KaziHealth App  

Outsystems Innovation Award 2022 

C-vive is a mobile application that shares information about cancer. The application is targeted towards South Africans with little to know knowledge and access to information or are illiterate or visually impaired.  It does this by offering voice overs, animations, games, and also has multilingual capabilities.


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Ncediso App

The eReady project is funded by the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and managed by the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA).The CCT was appointed to refine and pilot the paper-based ICT Maturity Assessment Tool with 53 Schools in KZN, NW and MP. Once the paper-based tool was refined the CCT developed an Electronic ICT Maturity Assessment Tool which was piloted with 102 Multigrade schools across all 9 provinces in South Africa. A policy brief of the findings and recommendations has been drafted and will be presented to all role players such as DSI, TIA and the DBE (Department of Basic Education). eReady will be rolled out to 26 000 schools.

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