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Conference: Strategic Narratives of Technology and Africa Conference

Title of presentation: Decolonizing ICT education in aid of socio-economic transformation and social justice in South Africa

Author: Awethu Fatyela

Date: 01 – 02 September 2017

Conference: African Studies Association of Africa (ASAA) 2nd Biennial Conference

Title of presentation: Decolonisation of knowledge in South Africa: an existential project

Author: Awethu Fatyela

Date: 12 – 13 October 2017

Conference: Discovery Foundation Alumni Seminar

Title of presentation: The use of mobile technology in the fight against DR-TB in Nelson Mandela Bay

Author:  Prof Darelle van Greunen

Date: 21-23 August 2017

Conference:  ICRITO’2017 in India during September 2017

Title of Keynote Address:  Smart Technology Solutions for Healthy Communities in Africa

Author:  Prof Darelle van Greunen


The biggest tech trend in Africa, and the one that is making the biggest impact on the everyday lives of people is the rise of smartphones and the Internet of Things.  Africa has seen the fastest uptake of mobile devices in the world and mobile subscribers are set to hit half a billion in the next five years.  By implementing mobile Apps and developing smart solutions that can be accessed via mobile devices, the Centre for Community Technologies at Nelson Mandela University is creating an ecosystem co-created with the beneficiaries and end-users of such an ecosystem to change everyday challenges into research and engagement opportunities that allow for sustainable interventions in a variety of communities. Not only does the Centre for Community Technologies provide smart solutions to improve citizens’ healthcare experiences but it also contributes to the continuum of care of South Africans on a daily basis.  Regardless of what you call smart technology, it is a great opportunity to uncover hidden data to suggest solutions to address the challenges effectively. The use of Smart Technology Solutions produces state-of-the-art cutting-edge research that provide innovative solutions to everyday challenges in the communities of Africa.  In this talk, Prof Van Greunen, Director of the Nelson Mandela University Centre for Community Technologies will share insights into innovations and experiences using smart technology solutions in Africa to address healthcare amongst other.

Conference:  ICRITO’2017 in India during September 2017

Title of Paper: Usability and usefulness in designing patient-centric systems in Afro-centric setting

Author:  Richard Pankomera, Darelle van Greunen, Alida Veldsman


List of recent publications:

Books edited

ICTs for Inclusive Communities in Developing Societies. Published by Cambridge Press. 2015.  Editors:  Van Greunen, D and Steyn, J.  ISBN: 1-4438-8081-7

Chapters in books

Saiod, K, Van Greunen, D and Veldsman, A. Electronic health records: benefits and challenges for data quality. Handbook of Large-Scale Distributed Computing in Smart Healthcare. 2017.

Bhunu Shava, F, Van Greunen, D. Developing User Security Metrics towards Awareness Creation in ICTs for Inclusive Communities in Developing Societies. Published by Cambridge Press. 2015.

Author(s) : Susan M. Dray (US), Ann Light (UK), Vanessa Evers (US), Andrew M. Dearden (UK), Melissa Densmore (UK), Matthew Kam (UK), Gary Marsden (SA), Divya Ramachandran (India), Nithya Sambasivan (India), Thomas Smyth (US), Darelle van Greunen  (SA), and Niall Winters (UK)

Title of chapter:  Human Computer Interaction for Development: Changing HCI to Change the World

Van Greunen,D: The Difference that Design and Innovation Can Make to Users in an Emerging Country in The galleys of Innovative Solutions (Chavan, Prabhu, eds.) Publisher: Taylor and Francis.

Journal Articles

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International Conference Papers:

Mpekoa, N and Van Greunen, D. (2017) m-Voting implementation in South Africa: A case of a University of Technology. To be presented at the ICT and Society Conference 2017 in March 2017 in Durban, South Africa.

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