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Centre for Community Technologies


The Centre for Community Technologies at the NMMU  is the only exisiting research unit at a South African university that fouses speifically on ICT solutions for Africa, by Africans, in Africa. The aim of the CCT is to promote radical development of human potential, of particularly disadvantaged communities, through the use of technology.

To support the purpose of the CCT, we aim to:

  • Promote policy interventions aimed at lowering market costs of technologies, which hold significant prospects for social and economic empowerment of poor communities.

  • Develop 'best practice' strategies in collaboration with community actors that demonstrate effective ways of harnessing technological innovations in support of social and economic empowerment of the poor.

  • Promote the use of Open Source technologies for addressing public  health, education and social development needs of poor communities.

  • Develop strategic partnerships with interest groups in communities, working on progressive experiments, which requires the use of responsive technologies to form part of broader social strategies aimed at promoting equality, reducing poverty, forstering job creation and entrepeneurship as well as democratic partipation in society.
  • Explore creative ways of using these technologies as an integrated part of social strategies within communities, aimed at tackling development and transformation challenges.
  • Build a better understanding of how inclusive innovation in science and technology could enhance the living and working conditions of poor and vulnerable groups in society.

To achieve this goal, the CCT adheres to the following principles:

Partner Coverage
  • South Africa and Southern African partners. 
  • Continent - African countries and universities
  • Language

  • Culture

  • Country specific protocols

Business Model
  • Donor funded with human resources provided by partnering countries, universities and community-based organisations.
Indicators of positive impact
  • A new generation of strong leaders at grassroots level that effect change.
  • Improved community healthcare service delivery.
  • Increased awareness of the role of women in vulnerable communities.
  • Increased jobs and economic opportunities for low-income residents.
  • Increased resilience of poor and vulnerable communities.
  • Economic growth of neglected communities in the Eastern Cape.
  • The fostering of new ideas, new approaches and beneficial partnerships for communities to bring about economic change.